…from high places it is easy to fall low.

J. R. R. Tolkien

This part of a quote from a conversation between Túrin and Sador hints at the dark way which the mighty can follow if they’re not careful. Throughout Tolkien writings the concept of great characters falling really hard is ever present and shows the destructive force of overpower.

Two vivid examples of such falls are Morgoth and Fëanor. Morgoth (originally Melkor) was the greatest of the Ainur and possessed more knowledge than any of his brethren, as he had a share in everything other Ainur knew. Fëanor was the greatest of the Elves, the most skilled of hand and the most subtle of mind among his kin, and when he perished there was no one ever after who could surpass him in talents or lore. The awareness of their own uniqueness kindled pride and arrogance in the hearts of both these characters and led to inner corruption and downfall.

However, Tolkien doesn’t mean that being very gifted is bad. Talent is good when applied wisely. Morgoth and Fëanor are a warning that when abused any talent can corrupt an individual and lead to a disaster which could otherwise be prevented by being humble and down-to-earth. 

Featured image – Creative Common Licence found at Pixabay.

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